Pak-Kiwi Super League (PKSL) – FAQs

What is the Pak-Kiwi Super League (PKSL)?

PKSL is an annual soft ball cricket tournament designed for individuals of Pakistani descent residing in Christchurch, Selwyn, and Waimakariri. It aims to foster community integration through the spirit of cricket.

Who can participate in PKSL?

PKSL is open to players aged 14 and above of Pakistani descent, living in Christchurch, Selwyn, or Waimakariri.

How can I register as a player?

Player registration is simple. Just follow the registration link provided and complete the necessary details. Do keep in mind that there is a commitment fee to pay before the tournament commences. 

What is the commitment fee for players?

Players under 20 years old contribute $5, and those above 20 years contribute $10 as a nominal commitment fee.

How are players selected for teams?

In the inaugural tournament, players will be selected through a fair draw/draft system.

How can a local business become a team owner?

Local Pakistani businesses interested in team ownership can express their interest by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Team ownership comes with a price of $250.

Is team ownership exclusive?

Yes, team ownership is exclusive to local Pakistani businesses in Canterbury. The teams represent major regions and suburbs in Christchurch.

When does the PKSL tournament take place?

The tournament is scheduled to begin on May 5th, 2024, and will continue for three Sundays, from 1 pm to 4 pm.

When do team owners and players need to pay their dues?

Team owners and players are required to settle their dues before the commencement of the tournament, following the completion of the team and players’ draft. This ensures a streamlined process and fair participation for all teams and players in the Pak-Kiwi Super League.

Can me and my friends play in the same team?

The team composition is determined by the team owner during the player draw/draft. While there’s no guarantee that you and your friends will be on the same team, the draw/draft system aims to ensure a fair and balanced distribution of players across teams.

How can I get updates and more information?

Follow us on social media for regular updates. For specific queries, feel free to email us at

Can individuals attend the matches?

Yes, matches and events are open to the public. Come and support the teams, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and be part of the PKSL community spirit!


General Queries:


We want to bring our community together through cricket! PKSL is more than a tournament; it’s about celebrating our culture, fostering unity, and creating a space for local Pakistani businesses to get involved. It’s a chance for fun, competition, and showcasing the talent in our community.

Why charge a fee from team owners?

The ownership fee ensures commitment and helps cover operational costs. It’s a small investment for a thrilling venture that offers exposure and goodwill for your business.

Why charge a fee from each player?

The nominal fee for players is introduced to ensure a commitment to the game and enhance the spirit of competition. This small contribution helps us manage the costs associated with organizing the league and ensures the dedication of players. The fee structure is designed to be inclusive, with a lower fee for players under 20 and a slightly higher fee for those above 20 years old.

What’s in it for the owners of the local businesses?

Owners of local businesses get a unique opportunity for promotion and community engagement. Owning a team in the Pak-Kiwi Super League is a chance to align their brand with a thriving community event, gaining exposure among a diverse audience. Additionally, the pleasure of owning a team and contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the city is a rewarding experience. As an extra incentive, there are cash prizes for the winning team, adding an exciting competitive edge to the ownership experience.

What’s in it for the players?

For cricket enthusiasts, the Pak-Kiwi Super League offers a thrilling platform to showcase their skills in a league-style format. The soft ball nature of the game makes it accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels. Beyond the game itself, participating in the league can boost a player’s confidence and serve as a stepping stone to potentially play at the club level. It’s not just a tournament; it’s an opportunity for players to be part of a community-driven sporting experience.

Why is Let’s Play Aotearoa organizing the PKSL and not the Pakistani Association of Canterbury New Zealand?

Both organizations contribute to the community in different ways. Let’s Play Aotearoa saw an opportunity to enhance community engagement through sports, and the PKSL is one such initiative. Anyone passionate about cricket is welcome to contribute, and multiple organizations can collectively enrich community life.

Are you receiving any funding for the PKSL?
No, Let’s Play Aotearoa is not receiving any external funding for the PKSL. The league is being organized to promote community engagement and cricket enthusiasm within the Pakistani community in Canterbury, and any costs associated are covered through participation fees and contributions from the team owners.

What’s in it for you? Is it for a profit basis? Where will the money go? Who will be responsible for the money trail?

The initiative is not for profit. The registration fees collected from team owners and players are primarily used to cover the operational costs associated with organizing the league, including venue bookings, equipment, and other logistical requirements. The financial transactions are transparently managed by Let’s Play Aotearoa, and details regarding expenditure can be made available upon request. The aim is to ensure accountability and uphold the integrity of the Pak-Kiwi Super League.